Monday, June 17, 2013

Why I fell in love with Xperia V?

This post is regarding why I choose Xperia V as compared to other available in market in mid-range.

  • ·         I love Sony; they always have something different to offer. Best User Experience.
  • ·         I hate Samsung due to previous experiences (though not with smartphones). Galaxy DUOS S, I recommend to all.

Well, I had a lot of choices with the likes of HTC Desire series, Nexus4, IPhone 4 etc. I don’t like Lumia also. So, I had to choose an Android under 20K. (it’s more than enough to get a good phone, people spending 35-40K for a phone are ahhhh ***, get a bike instead J )
And I chose Sony Xperia V. Let’s see why.
Xperia V image
Xperia V - Notice ARC design

First & foremost, I wanted to see things myself and don’t fall in marketing tricks. Many people buy a phone since all are buying it. I buy a thing according to what I think and what I need.
Secondly, I did take user opinions of real users (friends, cousins, colleagues etc.). It took me almost a year to decide!

XPERIA V – The Real small cousin of Xperia Z

Though it’s old in age than Xperia Z, I’ll still call it as its small cousin due to lower configuration & budget also (wait: don’t underestimate it).
In India, marketing people are telling us that Xperia SP is family member of Xperia Z. They want to ride-on the success of Xperia Z and raise their sales in mid-range phones. Well, I say they are sales people. They’ll never tell you the truth.
What’s the so-wow feature of Xperia Z?  Waterproof I guess.
Is SP water-proof? No
And what about Xperia V? Of Course, it is. With it comes wet-finger tracking, rain-proof device.
Plus, looks of V & Z are similarly very good.

Xperia V v/s Xperia SP

The battle of Countries? (both are launched in different regions)
Cost of Xperia SP is approx. 5k more than Xperia SP at eBay.
So, what more we get?
Hmmm… What I found is “Gorilla Glass”, LED lights and better GPU. More battery, but it’s non-removable.
And what Xperia V got?
  • ·         Way-way better looks…if you have seen Z
  • ·         Water-Proof IPV5
  • ·         Light-weight , arc shape looks
  • ·         More PPI, awesome viewing angles
  • ·         Better in-ear headphones
  • ·         Jelly-bean out-of-box (gsmarena says ICS, so mentioning it)
  • ·         And much more

I saw both the phones and trust me Xperia V is value for money. It’s not available in India though but it’s very popular in Japan, Hong Kong.
This phone is the real competitor of Samsung Galaxy Grand. (Worse thing in grand is display, very low PPI)

Why not Nexus 4?

Due to budget less than 20K and hardware being of LG. Otherwise, I guess it’s a good device to have.

Downsides of Xperia V

“Nothing is perfect”, right? You must have heard this! Sometimes we take downsides in picture to buy a thing. What it lacks is more important than what it has, at times.
So, here we are:
  • ·         Battery performance: should have been way better, I call my phone as a huge energy-sucking giant!
  • ·         Side covers for waterproof tend to get lose and eventually break after time.
  • ·         Camera is 13 MP but not up to mark. It’s similar to those available at same range (except Carl Zeiss in Nokia)

Of course, everything above was biased since I love V. But, maybe you can find something useful in it.

Read what actual users have to say. This is the age of truth. Don’t fall for Samsung, IPhone marketing gimmicks.
I’m not much of a blogger. But since other people’s review helped me, I ought to give something back.  

“It is every man's obligation to put back into the world at least the equivalent of what he takes out of it.” ― Albert Einstein, The World as I See It

Please share your thoughts. 
You can ask anything of Xperia V.

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