Wednesday, August 7, 2013

My Coding rhythm ( Youtube Playlist that helps me Code)

Well, I'm at work ! Serious Work! Not really of project always :P , but something extra.
I just can't concentrate with all that noise around me. There is some music which takes me to a different world. And guess what, I guess I've found some of it.

Many times I've searched for good background music for Programming and in all results "Time" by Hans Zimmer was at the top. It's truly a masterpiece.

So, here are the one's that I've for you , plug them in and enjoy your world! Away from this cruel "real" world. We , programmers generally live in a "Virtual" world so why not be there fully! ( Don't recall "The Matrix" ). The list is :

  • Time - Inception and various mixes.
  • My Name Is Lincoln - The Island
  • Corynorhinus - Batman Begins
  • Clubbed To Death - The Matrix
  • 23 - Jimmy Eat World
  • Always The Sun (Richard Durand)

I'll try to keep updating it.
Please tell the music you like(that helps in Programming) in the "Comments" box below. I'll really feel obliged. 

Saturday, August 3, 2013

How to choose a Smart Phone? (approx 10000-20000)

Ahhh! Now, I just have to write about it. I must write what I know and what I will do if I have to choose a Smart Phone. This might be helpful for people who just want a smart phone because everyone has it, but don't know which one! In-spite of going blindly and following suggestion of your friends/relatives, you can also look for below things.
I agree "Ignorance Is Bliss" and it's easy many times to not know the reality. But, when you know it , that hurts!
Enough philosophy, let's get on track.

What to look for ?


  • RAM - Min. 512 MB (for less than 15K) recommended 768 MB  , 1 GB for 15k-20k mobiles
  • OS - Android Jelly bean, Windows 8
  • CPU - At-least 1 GHz, recommended is 1.5 GHz, also look that Chip-set is good (Google about them)

Look and Feel

  • Screen Size - Less than 4.5 inches else it's very tough to carry
  • Display - look for PPI. Better the ppi, crisper the screen. More Resolution is of no use if ppi is less.
  • Protection - Gorilla Glass is the best but minimum is Scratch-Resistant glass.

Camera (Nokia Lumia is the best here)

  • Front Camera - 8 MP with FLASH.
  • Secondary Camera should be there.
  • Sweep Panorama is desired feature (optional)
Memory - Should be expandable, memory cards are very           cheap. More internal memory means better               performance. is the best site in the Internet to see specifications. Look for above features there plus your personal needs.
Example :

Also, use Google to see reviews and best prices.

Recommended Phones

  • SONY Xperia - E,L,U,J,V,SP
  • Samsung - Duos, Grand
  • Nokia Lumia - 520,620,720,820
  • Google Nexus 4

"It's your hard-earned money, Spend it well!"