Wednesday, August 7, 2013

My Coding rhythm ( Youtube Playlist that helps me Code)

Well, I'm at work ! Serious Work! Not really of project always :P , but something extra.
I just can't concentrate with all that noise around me. There is some music which takes me to a different world. And guess what, I guess I've found some of it.

Many times I've searched for good background music for Programming and in all results "Time" by Hans Zimmer was at the top. It's truly a masterpiece.

So, here are the one's that I've for you , plug them in and enjoy your world! Away from this cruel "real" world. We , programmers generally live in a "Virtual" world so why not be there fully! ( Don't recall "The Matrix" ). The list is :

  • Time - Inception and various mixes.
  • My Name Is Lincoln - The Island
  • Corynorhinus - Batman Begins
  • Clubbed To Death - The Matrix
  • 23 - Jimmy Eat World
  • Always The Sun (Richard Durand)

I'll try to keep updating it.
Please tell the music you like(that helps in Programming) in the "Comments" box below. I'll really feel obliged. 

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