Saturday, June 28, 2014

ABS Magarpatta Monsoon Offer

The only thing they don't mention is price. :)

I inquired and will list them here so that you can sit at your place and save your time.

 Months Swimming Only         All Per Month
3 6000 2000
6 8500 1416.667
12 6000 11000 916.6667

PS : Transfer charges 3000, in case you need to sell the membership. This needs to be paid by the person buying from you. So, let's say after 5 months you want to sell(with 7 months remaining), assume price then is 13000 for a year and 9500 for six months. I guess you can sell it at max 5000. It'll be actually 8000 for buyer for 7 months which looks to be a decent deal for both. But, you spent 6000 for 5 months use. :P

What you need to join ?
* Magarpatta Residence ID card / Cyber-City ID card
* 2 photos
* Money :)
They don't take agreement now as proof.

Data is life these days.
If it helped you, share something useful with others and tell me the link.

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