Monday, July 28, 2014

DudhSagar Waterfalls Goa : Current Conditions as of July 2014 End

Surely, you'll find many good blogs about trekking to the majestic falls.
We visited on weekend of 26th July 2014 and had a great time.

Water Level : Very good, Split and merge, multi-tiered.
Rains : Yes, good monsoon in Goa.

Road Conditions
Pune - Satara -- Good with a lot of bad patches
Satara - Belgaum - Excellent NH 4
Belgaum - Londa - Very bad, worst part of Journey
Londa - Castle Rock - Good

We trekked 14KMs to Dushsagar Falls.
Trains stop at Caranzol station. Amravati express (Chennai express) stopped there for about 2 mins at around 2PM (it was running late).

Amazing waterfall, mist on bridge. Tea/Pav available.
Could not go to "View Point" due to time constraints.
Lots of people seen camping. So, tough to find place on Saturday.

Boarded Goa Express at 5.30 pm from DudhSagar Falls. Lot's of rush. Still everyone gets in. :) INDIA!

Return Journey
Castle Rock - Arambol -- Bad road in Karnatka, Excellent in Goa
Armbol - NH 17 - Awesome road, very good and scenic.
NH 17 - Pune - Return

Arambol is quite up-north in Goa. Remote beach but very dirty in peak off-season.
Lot's of hippies and drugged people out there. Not much hotels.
Useless Shacks. Very high water levels in monsoon, Dirty water.

Recommended to go at Dudhsagar Falls.

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