Friday, May 29, 2015

The call of a place (Veer Dam)

"Don't come closer or I'll have to go..

Holding me like gravity are places that pull!" ~ Into the Wild

I read about many people telling how a place attracts them to visit it and it was my turn to experience the same.

Its one hell lot of feeling that can make you do anything. You don't think, you just go for it.

The place was the Nira right canal at Veer Dam near Pune.

Water has always fascinated me. One day I dream of swimming in rivers, lakes and sea. But you need to respect water a lot. It so silent yet so powerful when in action.

I was introduced to this place by Yogesh, on our relaxed tour to Bamnoli. I loved the place. I never knew I would run down to it to settle the fire in my heart. Just to catch a glimpse would be enough.

It was a Saturday evening, I woke up at 4 pm :O. Friday night, I was looking forward to go to nearby Dive ghat for a cup of tea with a b'ful view of Hadapsar, Pune. Then, changed mood to go to Saswad just to eat a vada pav near ST stand, and then finally water called me. Nature said just come, leave everything behind and I inclined. There was a feeling of great happiness in little tears once I left sawad and joined Veer road. The sun was setting down behind the ghats, the air was kissing me and simple villages along the way asking me basic questions of life. I was alone but certainly not lonely. There was many insecurities on the deserted road but something else in heart.

If I hadn't done the journey, I surely would have missed something in life. But gladly I did and now have a story to tell. :)

I reached the canal just before darkness could overtake light(just for a night), drank directly from the gushing water and sat in the soil. I felt an indescribable peace and may be was crying for no reason. All the way from my bed, I was thinking about this place and here I was.

I was lost in the western ghats and submerged in myself.

I didn't have any company except by bike. And well done by both of us.

At 5 pm, I started and was back by 9 pm as a much happier man. Travel changes you, it brings the best in you. In short, it makes you feel alive.

Until next adventure...Cheers!

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